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Not able to use the NumbersToggle command after install #4

Techwraith opened this Issue · 9 comments

6 participants

Daniel Erickson zach zhao A.J. J. Javier Maestro Mahdi Yusuf John Henderson
Daniel Erickson

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but I can't seem to get this plugin to run. I've got pathogen working (at least two other plugins that I use work with it). Am I missing something?

zach zhao

me too.


Agreed. I have numbers.vim in my .vim/plugin dir.

Running vim 7.3

The command does not seem to exist as an option to run.

When I run :scriptnames I do see that numbers.vim was loaded.

J. Javier Maestro

+1, this plugin is certainly not working for me :(

Mahdi Yusuf

so If you guys each could tell me what version of vim you are running and if you have patch 338 and if you are running in compatibility mode it wont work.

so more information. Please :)

Daniel Erickson

How can I tell if I have patch 338 or not? I'm running 7.3 on Mac OSX Lion. As far as I know, I'm not running in compatibility mode.

John Henderson

I have the same problem. Running vim 7.3.260 (from the latest MacVim snapshot)

Daniel Erickson

This works after the latest update!

Daniel Erickson Techwraith closed this
Mahdi Yusuf

It was load guard issue with the some of the other versions of vim. I made the load guard more permissive, this should fix everyones issues.

J. Javier Maestro

Works for me! :) Thanks so much for the quick fix!

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