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NEW UPDATE : Version BETA 0.3

What's new in 0.3 Version

  • Is it now possible to have a project with both old script and ES6 Scripts. Note : To avoid most common error, please read the chapter about "Use Strict mode"
  • Preloading image run now correctly

This project allow you tu use ES6 with ImpactJS.

Note about current version

  • Impact Library support : Version 1.24
  • If you encouter any bugs or issues, please report it into the issues page



ImpactJS is an excellent javascript game framework with lots of features. But there is actually no support with ES6. ES6 is a new way to write javascript code and it is so much better than ES5. Click here for more informations about ES6 features


This project use webpack to minify and uglify your all game into a single file. Click here for more informations about Webpack

Node and Npm

Npm ("Module Package Manager") is a tool for manage your project dependency. To have Npm in your shell, you must install Node by clicking here

Use strict mode

In ES6, all scripts are in use strict mode. In this mode, you can't create a global variable :

  EntityPlayer = ig.Entity.extend(...) // Will throw an error because EntityPlayer doesn't exist

To avoid this error, you must bind your entity with "ig" variable like this :

  ig.EntityPlayer = ig.Entity.extend(...) // GOOD !

In fact, in use strict mode, a function that is not an object can't have a reference to a this and it doesn't not also reference to window object.


1) Copy this project into your local environment.
2) Install package with npm
  npm install
3) Install ImpactJS into the project

The ImpactJS folder must be at the root of this project. In other terms : game and impact folders should be into the lib directory with "impactES6" folder.

4) Make your game !

The project is now configured and you can develop your game with ES6 !

5) Build your game into a single file

To build your games into a single file, use the shell and type this command into the root directory of your project

  npm run build

If your are in a development environnement, you can use :

  npm run build-dev

This command has a watcher and it will build your game when a file has changed.


Import an old script

ig.require('');   // You need to require it juste once. It will be loaded for all your project

Import a new script

import EntityPlayer from "lib/game/entities/player";

Create an entity

export default class EntityPlayer extend ig.Entity {

    init (x, y, settings) 
        super.init(x, y, settings);
    fire ()
    {, this.pos.x + (this.size.x / 2), this.pos.y + this.size.y, { owner: this });

Default properties

Default properties is a new way to declare your properties before the new object was created. For example, in ES5 Script, you have :

    ig.EntityPlayer = ig.Entity.extend({
        animSheet: new ig.AnimationSheet('media/player.png', 10, 10),
        size    : {x: 10, y: 10},
        speed: 300,
        init: function (x, y, settings) {

In ES6, you can't define variable except into a function, so, when it is created. But ImpactES6 has a function which allow you to define properties. Like this :

export default class EntityPlayer extend ig.Entity {
    init (x, y, settings) 

ig.bindProperties(EntityPlayer, {
    animSheet   : new ig.AnimationSheet('media/player.png', 10, 10),
    size        : {x: 10, y: 10},
    speed       : 300


jQuery is added by default on the project. You can call "$" or "jQuery" without do anything. But if you want to add plugin into jQuery, you have to use imports-loader and import your plugin like this :

import "imports?$=jquery,this=>window!velocity-animate";

It is a query string which means that you import global jQuery into the script and you define the window object like global variable. Like ig.require, import it once and it will be loaded into all your project.


You can see a dummy example into the folder, juste load the index.html in your browser and you will see.

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