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NodeBB: Search Bar Widget

A search bar widget with suggested results and keyboard controlls.


Search Bar



screen shot 2016-08-29 at 4 03 26 pm


npm install nodebb-widget-search-bar

NodeBB Version

This widget has been tested

  • NodeBB 1.1.2
  • NodeBB 1.2.1
  • NodeBB 1.4.5
  • NodeBB 1.7.4


  • Option to show or hide the search bar on the following pages when used globally
    • Home
    • Categories list
    • Category
    • Topic (hidden by default)
    • Unread (hidden by default)
    • Recent (hidden by default)
    • Popular (hidden by default)
    • Tags (hidden by default)
  • Suggested results while typing
    • Conversion of posts to plain text for suggestions
  • Keyboard controls
    • Enter to search
    • Arrow keys to navigate suggested results
    • Escape to close suggested results
    • Enter to go to a selected suggested result
  • Respnsive width
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