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14 Oct 2023 - We're just starting, read thoughts from the creator

25 Nov 2023 - v1.0.0 is released! a message for you all

My Web Shortcuts🌎💻 - your new best friend for browsing!


This free, open-source browser extension lets you create custom keyboard shortcuts to click on elements in any website, boosting productivity by enabling swift actions without constant cursor movement 🖱️🍃. Enjoy a more personalized and efficient browsing experience! 😉

Watch a Quick Demo Video

Installing the project for Development purposes

Note: Only Chromium-based browsers like Google Chrome & Brave are supported currently.

Show the Steps
  1. Clone the repository & Open the folder
    git clone "" && cd mywebshortcuts
  2. Install the Packages using NPM
    npm i
  3. Start the Development Server
    npm run dev
  4. Drag and upload the newly generated dist folder into your Browser
  5. The extension is now installed in the browser, but you need to reload the website to use it.