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Material Design HTML Theme for Sphinx

PyPI version CircleCI

Demo Document


  • python
    • Sphinx

Quick Start

Install the latest version of sphinx_materialdesign_theme with pip.

pip install sphinx_materialdesign_theme

Add the following line to

html_theme = 'sphinx_materialdesign_theme'

Html theme options

The following is a description of the options that can be specified in html_theme_options in your project's

html_theme_options = {
    # Specify a list of menu in Header.
    # Tuples forms:
    #  ('Name', 'external url or path of pages in the document', boolean, 'icon name')
    # Third argument:
    # True indicates an external link.
    # False indicates path of pages in the document.
    # Fourth argument:
    # Specify the icon name.
    # For details see link.
    'header_links' : [
        ('Home', 'index', False, 'home'),
        ("ExternalLink", "", True, 'launch'),
        ("NoIconLink", "", True, ''),
        ("GitHub", "", True, 'link')

    # Customize css colors.
    # For details see link.
    # Values: amber, blue, brown, cyan deep_orange, deep_purple, green, grey, indigo, light_blue,
    #         light_green, lime, orange, pink, purple, red, teal, yellow(Default: indigo)
    'primary_color': 'indigo',
    # Values: Same as primary_color. (Default: pink)
    'accent_color': 'pink',

    # Customize layout.
    # For details see link.
    'fixed_drawer': True,
    'fixed_header': True,
    'header_waterfall': True,
    'header_scroll': False,

    # Render title in header.
    # Values: True, False (Default: False)
    'show_header_title': False,
    # Render title in drawer.
    # Values: True, False (Default: True)
    'show_drawer_title': True,
    # Render footer.
    # Values: True, False (Default: True)
    'show_footer': True

Developer's Tips


python sdist


pip install dist/sphinx_materialdesign_theme-${version}.tar.gz

Resister PyPI

python register sdist upload

Build Example's Document

sphinx-build -b html ./example ./_build -c ./example


thirdparty version license URL
Material Design Lite 1.3.0 Apache 2.0
Material design icons 3.0.1 Apache 2.0