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YODATODO The title of the study

YODATODO Description for the study


TODO stubs for CI banners

Files organization

  • ci/ - scripts and configurations for CI platforms (Travis, Circle-CI, etc)
  • code/ - analysis scripts
  • docs/ - documentation, notes, papers (pre-prints), etc
  • envs/ - images and/or specification of complete environments (singularity, docker, etc)
  • inputs/ - dataset(s) which served as inputs for the study
  • outputs/ - results of analysis using code/, envs/, and inputs/
  • tests/ - various tests to verify correct operation of code etc
  • - summary of changes/progress
  • - various details on using/manipulating provided materials
  • - high level overview of the study

YODATODO adjust aforementioned list and description below for your particular case/study. Any of the aforementioned directories could be, or could contain, other git/git-annex repositories as submodules. In DataLad they are called subdatasets. Organizing them in such modular fashion allows for reuse while maintaining unambigous version association. Examples:

  • a inputs/bids-dataset could be used for multiple studies
  • envs/singularity could point to a collection of singularity images with environments used across multiple studies
  • outputs/bids-dataset-preprocessed could be used inputs/... in some other study

Similar/Related projects

  • Shablona - a template project for small scientific Python projects. Could be a good starting point for your reusable code/ or a part within it.