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30/12/2010 (OS):
* Changed PMatrix to be a float matrix rather than double to save space
* Added setVerbose, getVerbose
* Moved peer into namespace PEER (have consistently, at least vbfa.XX)
* Added convergence tolerance level
* Sanitised debug messages
26-29/12/2010 (OS):
* Added array_helper. This contains functions to convert from eigen matrices to C matrices and vice versa.
This is used by the python swig wrappers and those to come for R
* Added a default matrix type PMatrix, PVector (PeerMatrix...), this is just an alias but makes life easier
* Added getters and setters for most things and moved variables to procted areas. THis is needed to have a consistent
interface from python/R and C++
* Added swig versions of the interfaces. WHen compiled with swig the setters/getters with Matrix objects disappear.
Note: this is neede, otherwise swig refuses fom appplying typemaps
* Added build target "libpeer"
* Added "python" directory. This contains a make file, "make" should be all it takes to generate the python wrapper
* Added