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// BLIPMessage.h
// MYNetwork
// Created by Jens Alfke on 5/10/08.
// Copyright 2008 Jens Alfke. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
@class BLIPConnection, BLIPProperties, BLIPMutableProperties;
/** NSError domain and codes for BLIP */
extern NSString* const BLIPErrorDomain;
enum {
kBLIPError_BadData = 1,
kBLIPError_Misc = 99,
// errors returned in responses:
kBLIPError_BadRequest = 400,
kBLIPError_Forbidden = 403,
kBLIPError_NotFound = 404,
kBLIPError_BadRange = 416,
kBLIPError_HandlerFailed = 501,
kBLIPError_Unspecified = 599 // peer didn't send any detailed error info
NSError *BLIPMakeError( int errorCode, NSString *message, ... ) __attribute__ ((format (__NSString__, 2, 3)));
/** Abstract superclass for <a href=".#blipdesc">BLIP</a> requests and responses. */
@interface BLIPMessage : NSObject
BLIPConnection *_connection;
UInt16 _flags;
UInt32 _number;
BLIPProperties *_properties;
NSData *_body;
NSMutableData *_encodedBody;
NSMutableData *_mutableBody;
BOOL _isMine, _isMutable, _sent, _propertiesAvailable, _complete;
NSUInteger _bytesWritten;
id _representedObject;
/** The BLIPConnection associated with this message. */
@property (readonly,retain) BLIPConnection *connection;
/** This message's serial number in its connection.
A BLIPRequest's number is initially zero, then assigned when it's sent.
A BLIPResponse is automatically assigned the same number as the request it replies to. */
@property (readonly) UInt32 number;
/** Is this a message sent by me (as opposed to the peer)? */
@property (readonly) BOOL isMine;
/** Has this message been sent yet? (Only makes sense when isMe is set.) */
@property (readonly) BOOL sent;
/** Has enough of the message arrived to read its properies? */
@property (readonly) BOOL propertiesAvailable;
/** Has the entire message, including the body, arrived? */
@property (readonly) BOOL complete;
/** Should the message body be compressed with gzip?
This property can only be set <i>before</i> sending the message. */
@property BOOL compressed;
/** Should the message be sent ahead of normal-priority messages?
This property can only be set <i>before</i> sending the message. */
@property BOOL urgent;
/** Can this message be changed? (Only true for outgoing messages, before you send them.) */
@property (readonly) BOOL isMutable;
/** The message body, a blob of arbitrary data. */
@property (copy) NSData *body;
/** Appends data to the body. */
- (void) addToBody: (NSData*)data;
/** The message body as an NSString.
The UTF-8 character encoding is used to convert. */
@property (copy) NSString *bodyString;
/** An arbitrary object that you can associate with this message for your own purposes.
The message retains it, but doesn't do anything else with it. */
@property (retain) id representedObject;
#pragma mark PROPERTIES:
/** The message's properties, a dictionary-like object.
Message properties are much like the headers in HTTP, MIME and RFC822. */
@property (readonly) BLIPProperties* properties;
/** Mutable version of the message's properties; only available if this mesage is mutable. */
@property (readonly) BLIPMutableProperties* mutableProperties;
/** The value of the "Content-Type" property, which is by convention the MIME type of the body. */
@property (copy) NSString *contentType;
/** The value of the "Profile" property, which by convention identifies the purpose of the message. */
@property (copy) NSString *profile;
/** A shortcut to get the value of a property. */
- (NSString*) valueOfProperty: (NSString*)property;
/** A shortcut to set the value of a property. A nil value deletes that property. */
- (void) setValue: (NSString*)value ofProperty: (NSString*)property;
/** Similar to -description, but also shows the properties and their values. */
@property (readonly) NSString* descriptionWithProperties;