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Mock Interview Resume Workshop

This is the repository for the Mock Interview and Resume Review Workshop established at Derby Con 2015. The purpose of this github brain dump is to provide tools & insights for folks who want to conduct MIRR workshops in their local communities.

The formatted web version of this will likely live somewhere on, but for now it only lives here.


Follow this link for how to make a contribution to our repository

These are the steps:

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Make a clone of your fork
  3. Create a branch ot make changes in.
  4. Make changes in your branch
    • modify
    • add comments and descriptions
  5. create a pull request
  6. Your changes will be reviewed and merged.

Generating Documents

The original source documents in this repo are in the doc/source directory in a .rst format.

The documents can be rendered in may popular formats using Sphinx. (More information about Sphinx)[]

Quick Start

  • Install docker on your machine
  • type "make" from top level of this repo
    • this will install needed packages inside a container
    • you will be "inside" the container after typing make
  • type "cd doc" in the docker container
  • type "make html" in the docker container
    • this generates html pages
    • you can now open "doc/build/html/index.html" in your web browser on your host
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