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@@ -124,6 +124,47 @@ After the script has finished, you may be two steps away from using the new Mage
The VirtualDocumentRoot path /var/www/magento/shops/ has to match the MAGE_BASE_DIR setting in config.conf.
The script automatically edits Magentos .htaccess so that the RewriteBase is adjusted for this setup.
+## Automatic installation via command line
+You may want to do a fully automated installation. This feature was added in v0.3.
+Have a look at this example:
+ ./install --mageversion ce1702 --magename 1702 --magedomain 1702.magentoshops.vm --modman y
+For an explanation of the parameters, call `./install --help`:
+ MageSpawner (v0.3)
+ MageSpawner is a tool for quick setup of multiple Magento test installations.
+ Usage:
+ ./install
+ Then follow the instructions on the screen.
+ Consult the README for further information.
+ Options:
+ --help , -h, -? display this help message
+ --magedomain Specify the shop domain (e.g. 1702.magentoshops.vm).
+ The subdomain has to be the same string as --magename
+ --magename The shop name which gets used for the URL, directory and database name.
+ --mageversion Version of Magento to be used. Has to be one of
+ [ce1501|ce1510|ce1600|ce1610|ce1620|ce1702]
+ --modman Whether you want modman to be initialized.
+ [y|n]
+ --usage display this help message
+ --version display the version of this script
+ Get more information at
+The parameters `--magedomain`, `--magename`, `--mageversion` and `--modman` are required for a fully automatic installation. If parameters are omitted, you will be asked for the missing information.
+Please note that you may be asked for your `sudo` password.
## Removing a test installation
If you want to remove a test installation, call `./remove`. Again, the script will ask for your sudo password if you aren't root.
@@ -149,6 +190,9 @@ This is how it looks on my VM:
## Changelog
+### v0.3
+* Added command line parameters for automatic installation
### v0.2.1
* Merged pull request by Nils Preuß:
"Added fix for 'PHP Extensions "0" must be loaded , while installing magento-1.7.x' that occured in at least some installations"
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