Masamune is a simple 2 column blog theme for Hugo.
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Masamune is a 2 column simple blog theme for Hugo.

  • Simple and clean design
  • Pagination
  • Category
  • Tag
  • Disqus
  • Source code highlighting
  • Google Analytics




Clone this repository to your hugo theme directory.

$ cd themes
$ git clone
$ hugo server -t masamune -D -w


To take full advantage of the features in this theme, you can add variables to your site config file.

The following is the example configuration.

baseurl = "your site url"
title = "site title"
languageCode = "your site languageCode"

canonifyurls = true
hasCJKLanguage = true -> if your site language is Chinese Japanese Korea

auther = "your name"
theme = "masamune"

# Hugo Built-in Features
disqusShortname = "xxxxx"
enableRobotsTXT = true

subTitle = "site subtitle"
copyrightYear = "2016"
copyrightName = "your name"
profileImage = "./images/profile.png"
googleAnalytics = "xxxxxx"

description = "meta tag data"
keywords = "meta tag data"

github = ""
twitter = ""

Details of each parameter are as follows.

Parameter Required Comment
baseurl yes Enter the URL of your site.
title yes Enter the title of your site.
languageCode yes Enter the language code of HTML. Example: en-US, ja-JP.
canonifyurls yes true
isCKJLanguage no true
disqusShortname no Enter the short name of the disqus. If you do not enter, disqus section is hidden.
enableRobotsTXT no true
subTitle no Enter the subtitle of your site. If you do not enter, subtitle is hidden.
copyrightYear no Enter the copyright year. If you do not enter, copyright display is hidden.
copyrightName no Enter the copyright notice. If you do not enter, copyright display is hidden.
profileImage no Enter the path to the profile image. If you do not enter, profile section will be hidden.
googleAnalytics no Enter the tracking ID of Google analytics. If you do not enter, the analysis will be skipped.
description no meta tag data
keywords no meta tag data
github no Enter the URL of Github. If you do not enter, the link is hidden.
twitter no Enter the URL of Twitter. If you do not enter, the link is hidden.


Open sourced under the MIT license.




Please contact me via email / Twitter 😄