Tools to help develop Papyrus scripts for Skyrim using 4coder
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These are some tools I created to help me develop Papyrus scripts for Skyrim using 4coder instead of SublimeText.


Use this to build all Papyrus Script (.psc) files in the current directory. It is intended to be called from the 4coder custom layer ([alt + m] by default).

It would not be a good idea to place this file in your Data\Scripts\Source\ directory, unless you want to re-compile every script for the entire game. I recommend developing your scripts in a seperate folder.


This file includes all keywords for Papyrus that I could find. There may be some missing. It is to be included within a 4coder custom layer, just like any other language, to enable syntax highlighting for Papyrus.


This is just an example 4coder custom layer to get Papyrus syntax highlighting to work with 4coder. You can implement this within your own custom layer by including the Languages\4coder_language_psc.h and setting the parser context like in this example.