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Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Hotkeys and System Tray Icon

Download version compatible with Windows 10 1709 and earlier
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It's preferable to run directly from the Startup folder

You can get to the Startup folder by typing Startup into the address bar of any Windows Explorer window. Simply copy the file into that folder.

To be able to move elevated windows like Task Manager, zVD itself must be executed with elevated permissions. This means you run zVD as administrator.



Hotkeys are not limited to virtual desktops. You can choose any hotkey for any of the following actions

  • Disable Default (if you wanted to disable a built-in Windows default and do nothing instead)
  • Keyboard Application Menu
  • Toggle Auto-hide Taskbar
  • Open a file, folder, or URL
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Toggle Desktop View (a Task View replacement)
  • Toggle zVirtualDesktop Settings
  • Show Window Menu (a handy window context menu)
  • Navigate to Desktop
  • Move Window to Desktop
  • Move Window to Desktop & Follow
  • Pin/Unpin Window
  • Pin/Unpin Application
  • Bring All Windows Here
  • Remove Empty Desktops
  • Close Foreground Window
  • Minimize Foreground Window
  • Toggle Foreground Window Top Most
  • Multimedia - Play/Pause
  • Multimedia - Next
  • Multimedia - Previous
  • Volume Up
  • Volume Down
  • Volume Mute
  • Browser Back
  • Browser Forward
  • Browser Reload
  • ClipboardEx Copy
  • ClipboardEx Paste
  • ClipboardEx Clone
  • Send Keystroke
  • Send Text Entry

Below are the default hotkeys for virtual desktops. You can configure these any way you'd like.

Navigate Desktops:
WIN+CTRL+LEFT or RIGHT - this is Windows Default and can be overridden to allow "Round Robin"

Move Windows:
The foreground window will be the window which moves

Move Window & Follow:
The foreground window will be the window which moves

Pin/Unpin Windows:
The foreground window will be the window which is pinned

Pin/Unpin Applications:
The foreground window will be the window which is pinned

What is the difference between pin app and pin window?
An easy way to imagine this is if you use pin window on a chrome browser window, only that window will be visible on all desktops. Any other chrome windows would stay on a single desktop. If you were to pin application on a chrome window then all chrome windows would show up on all desktops. This includes new chrome windows.

System Tray Icon

  • Choose from several sets of icons
  • The icons indicate which desktop you are viewing
  • Left-Click the system tray icon to display or hide DesktopView.
  • Right-Click the system tray icon to bring up the main menu.

Make your own icons and attach them to an issue then I will add them to the program.
How to submit icon files

Download the current icons and alter ones you like. I ask that you come up with a name for your icon theme.


  • Set a different wallpaper for each desktop
  • Specify the style for each (Center, Stretch, or Tile)

Desktop Names

  • Rename desktops directly in DesktopView or in the settings window