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An interpreter written in Go as described in Writing An Interpreter In Go. The book is great and I highly recommend it.

It's called Zip because there's no practical purpose to this language other than as a learning exercise in both Go and learning how interpreters work.

Supported Features

  • Builtin Data Types
    • Integer
    • Float
    • String
    • Boolean
    • Character
    • Array
    • Hash
  • Flow Control
    • If-Else
    • While
  • Variables (Scoped to their block)
  • First-class Functions
    • With/without Arguments
    • Closures
  • IO
    • Put
    • Putln


  1. Install Go sudo apt-get install golang-go
  2. Clone this repo
  3. Install dependencies make install

Visual Studio Code

  • Run the set up script ./


  1. Install direnv sudo apt-get install direnv
  2. Edit your .bashrc and add eval "$(direnv hook bash)" to the end
  3. Activate in root directory of this repo direnv allow


  • make test

Starting the REPL

  • make run

Planned Feature Additions

  • Float literals
  • Character literals
  • Variable assignment
  • Assignment shortcut operators
  • Prefix Increment and Decrement operators
  • Postfix Increment and Decrement operators
  • Remainder operator
  • Power operator
  • AND and OR operators
  • Less Than or Equal and Greater Than or Equal operators
  • Escape characters
  • String comparison
  • String multiplication operator
  • Concatenate basic data types to strings
  • String interpolation
  • String index expressions
  • Append to hash structure
  • Set array value at index
  • Set hash value at key
  • Ternary statements
  • Single and multi-line comments
  • Else-If statements
  • Switch statements
  • While loops
  • Until loop
  • For loops
  • Foreach loops
  • Do-While loops
  • Break and continue statements
  • List comprehensions

Tenative Planned Features

  • Package import
  • Global constant variables
  • Emojis


  • Extend test coverage for builtins
  • Extend tests to check for more types
  • Read input from a file
  • Add more builtin functions
    • Array and String includes function
    • Array all, any, etc type operators
  • Add a wiki with language documentation
  • Convert tests to use an assertion library


An interpreter written in Go as described in "Writing An Interpreter In Go" with additional features.





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