Fix python bindings compilation on Windows #19

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Thanks for the nice repackaging. It still needs some work on Windows though. To compile:
1) open a cmd window
2) run vcvarsall.bat (FIXME: why is this commented out in
3) run
4) FIXME: copy libcld.lib to ports/python/cld.lib
5) FIXME (biggest one): fails on Windows

The hackish solution to (5) is to make pkgconfig return (on Windows only) the dict {'define_macros': [('WIN32',None)], 'libraries': packages}
Why the hack is necessary: On windows, pkg-config is not available by default. If you get it, it depends on a dll. If you get that one as well, it doesn't find the cld.pc file. If you copy it over, it returns the nonsensical (for MSVC) value "-I/usr/local/include/cld -L/usr/local/lib/cld -lcld". It also fails to define WIN32, without which the whole thing does not compile.

Do you prefer getting a pull request or making the changes yourself? Thanks.


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Im having some problems getting this up and running on Windows. I have got as far as 5, but not entirely sure on the steps involved in your hack. Can you elaborate? (im a rookie at python, but keen to learn)


@mitjat pull request welcomed since my Windows environment is onerous to setup for testing.

@jakc My Python is pretty shaky and my Windows programming a bit rusty but I'm asking some friends for help on this.


@jakc Huh, sorry, missed your post. Step 5 is to edit and replace the whole pkgconfig function with simply just this:

def pkgconfig(*packages, **kw): 
    return {'define_macros': [('WIN32',None)], 'libraries': packages}

@mzsanford OK, I'll follow up with the patch, I just don't have it handy at the moment.


Also, for posterity, CLD is now included in the absolutely wonderful Unofficial Windows Binaries for Python Extension Packages list:


Fixing up old projects and made the requested change in the issue_19_python_windows branch (SHA: 5a29fd5). Can you try that out and let me know if it works?


Thanks for the fix, Matt. I'm sorry to say I don't have that dev environment set up any more. It would take quite some effort and time to get everything to the point where I can test it, so I'll leave it be right now.

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