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rev'd version to to force a build


Removed missing specs.txt references


Fixed a problem with absolute and relative urls in token paths found …
…by Michael Wood.


This is the community barn fixing release of the OAuth Gem. The
primary purpose of this release is to fix all the little issues people
have discovered while actually using OAuth in the real world.

A concerted effort has also been made to create much better testing of
all the low level operations, such as encoding, normalization etc.
There are much improved tests that follow the spec closely.

There is also a new oauth command line utility, which makes it easy to
test oauth requests from your shell.

* Support ActionController::Request from Edge Rails (László Bácsi)
* Correctly handle multi-valued parameters (Seth)
* Added #normalized_parameters to OAuth::RequestProxy::Base (Pelle)
* OAuth::Signature.sign and friends now yield the RequestProxy instead of the
 token when the passed block's arity is 1. (Seth)
* Token requests are made to the configured URL rather than generating a
 potentially incorrect one.  (Kellan Elliott-McCrea)
* Command-line app for generating signatures. (Seth)
* Improved test-cases and compatibility for encoding issues. (Pelle)
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