Uses node.js to show the top 50 urls being accessed currently via varnish
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This is a simple client/server that will monitor the varnishncsa stdout for all the urls that are coming into varnish and connected clients will get a listing of the top 50 urls being hit since they loaded the page.

The server uses node.js with and the client uses with a small bit of jquery mixed in.

Server Installation

Install node.js on the server. You can visit their website at

Or you can use my quick install

git clone git://
cd node
sudo make install

Then you can install VarnishSpy. This must be running on the same host that varnish is running on and the user running the server has to be able to run the varnishncsa command

git clone git://
cd varnishspy/server
node server.js

If you want the server to ignore certain extentions edit the server.js and add/remove items from

var ignore = new Array()

Right now its set to ignore certain images/css/js and some font files.

The server is up and running!

Client Installation

If you place the client on a new host it is

git clone git://
cp -rf varnishspy/client/* /path/to/htdocs/root

Then you want to edit /path/to/htdocs/root/index.html and set the serverhost javascript var to be the ip that the server is running on.

Then hit the url you setup and you should see connections on your server and data coming into the website