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// CollectionsAdditions.h
// Copyright (c) 2010-2013 Nicolas Bouilleaud.
// Map and filter algorithms for all the Foundation collection classes, using different techniques.
// Algorithms
// ----------
// * map: perform the same operation on each item of the collection and collect the results.
// * filter: collect the items from the collection that pass a test.
// * one: obtain one item from the collection that passes a test. If the collection is ordered, the returned item is the first matching item.
// Collections
// -----------
// NSArray, NSSet and NSOrdered are supported.
// The "map", "filter" and "one" algorithms are declared in protocols, which are then adopted by NSArray, NSSet and NSOrderedSet.
// Additionaly, an in-place `filter` method is added to the *Mutable* variants of the collections.
// Implementations variants
// ------------------------
// Several coding styles are implemented
// * Block-based enumeration
// * Key-Value Coding
// * NSInvocation-based enumeration
// * Higher-Order Messaging
// Note: Foundation classes already have some support for functional collection programming:
// * -[NSArray valueForKey:]
// * -[NSArray makeObjectsPerformSelector:<withObject:>]
// * -[NSArray enumerateObjectsUsingBlock:]
// * -[NSArray indexesOfObjectsPassingTest:]
// * ... and some more in NSSet/ NSOrderedSet.
// We propose a uniform interface for all Foundation collections (NSArray, NSSet and NSOrderedSet).
// Implementation notes
// --------------------
// Althought the methods are declared as categories on the collections classes,
// the implementations are directly on NSObject, to avoid duplicating code.
@import Foundation;
// Block-based enumeration
// This is the most flexible (and modern) method, but not always the most concise or clear.
// id heroes = @[batman, catwoman];
// [heroes block_map:^id(id hero){ return [[ componentsSeparatedByString:@" "] firstObject]; }];
// [heroes block_filteredCollectionWithTest:^BOOL(id hero){ return [ rangeOfString:@"Bruce Wayne"].location != NSNotFound; }];
@protocol BlockCollecting
- (instancetype) block_map:(id(^)(id obj))block;
- (instancetype) block_filteredCollectionWithTest:(BOOL(^)(id obj))test;
- (id) block_oneObjectPassingTest:(BOOL(^)(id obj))block; // If the collection is ordered, returns the first matching object
@protocol MutableBlockCollecting
- (void) block_filterWithTest:(BOOL(^)(id obj))block; // in-place filtering
// Key-Value Coding
// KVC performs automatic NSValue boxing of integral return types
// id heroes = @[batman, catwoman];
// [heroes valueForKeyPath:@"firstName"]; // "firstName" has to be added to the "Hero" class.
// [heroes kvc_filteredCollectionWithValue:@"Bruce" forKey:@"firstName"]; // can't search a substring when using Key-Value coding
@protocol KVCCollecting
// No need for "map" method, as it would merely duplicate "valueForKey:".
- (instancetype) kvc_filteredCollectionWithValue:(id)value forKeyPath:(NSString*)key;
- (id) kvc_oneObjectWithValue:(id)value forKeyPath:(NSString*)key;
@protocol MutableKVCCollecting
- (void) kvc_filterWithValue:(id)value forKeyPath:(NSString*)key;
// NSInvocation
// Pass an NSInvocation to each item of the collection.
// id heroes = @[batman, catwoman];
// [heroes invoke_map:getFirstName]; // getFirstName is an NSInvocation of [Hero firstName]. "firstName" has to be added to the "Hero" class.
// [heroes invoke_filteredCollectionWithTest:isBruce]; // isBruce is an NSInvocation of [Hero isNamed:@"Bruce"]. "isNamed" has to be added to the "Hero" class.
@protocol InvocationCollecting
- (instancetype) invoke_map:(NSInvocation*)invocation_; // invocation must return either void or id
- (instancetype) invoke_filteredCollectionWithTest:(NSInvocation*)invocation_; // invocation must return bool
- (id) invoke_oneObjectPassingTest:(NSInvocation*)invocation_;
@protocol MutableInvocationCollecting
- (void) invoke_filterWithTest:(NSInvocation*)invocation_; // invocation must return bool
// Higher-order messaging
// The hom_* methods return a trampoline object that forwards any sent message to its items.
// Internally uses InvocationEnumeration.
// id heroes = @[batman, catwoman];
// [[heroes hom_map] firstName]; // firstName has to be added to the "Hero" class. The result has to be casted to id since the compiler thinks it returns NSString.
// [[heroes hom_filteredCollectionInto:&result] isNamed:@"Bruce"]; // "isNamed" has to be added to the "Hero" class. We can't use the result as the compiler thinks it returns BOOL.
@protocol HOMCollecting
- (id) hom_map; // sent message must return void or id
- (id) hom_filteredCollectionInto:(inout id*)result; // sent message must return bool
- (id) hom_oneObjectInto:(inout id*)result; // sent message must return bool
@protocol MutableHOMCollecting
- (id) hom_filter; // sent message must return bool
// Collections Categories
// Declare adoption of the above protocols in the Foundation collection classes
@interface NSArray (Collecting) <BlockCollecting, KVCCollecting, InvocationCollecting, HOMCollecting> @end
@interface NSSet (Collecting) <BlockCollecting, KVCCollecting, InvocationCollecting, HOMCollecting> @end
@interface NSOrderedSet (Collecting) <BlockCollecting, KVCCollecting, InvocationCollecting, HOMCollecting> @end
@interface NSMutableArray (MutableCollecting) <MutableBlockCollecting, MutableKVCCollecting, MutableInvocationCollecting, MutableHOMCollecting> @end
@interface NSMutableSet (MutableCollecting) <MutableBlockCollecting, MutableKVCCollecting, MutableInvocationCollecting, MutableHOMCollecting> @end
@interface NSMutableOrderedSet (MutableCollecting) <MutableBlockCollecting, MutableKVCCollecting, MutableInvocationCollecting, MutableHOMCollecting> @end
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