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NdkBootPicker for Official OpenCore Build Status

Initial release external NdkBootPicker.efi for Official OpenCore.

  • Bios Date/time, OC version can be displayed with Spacebar key .
  • Screen snapshot can be taken with F10.


  • Binary release are compiled by Travis Ci server and posted in the Releases tab.
  • NdkBootPicker.efi need to be in EFI/OC/Drivers and set to load in config.plist *
  • Icons folder need to be copied into EFI/OC/ folder.
  • Config.plist set Misc->Boot->PickerMode = External
  • To build NdkBootPicker.efi, run "./ndk-macbuild.tool" at Terminal (require Xcode and Xcode Command Line Tool installed, and open xcode to accept license agreement before compiling).