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🌈 What?


$ lolcat-cc -h
lolcat-cc is a cross-platform c++ implementation of lolcat, 
which writes output to the terminal with rainbow colours
=> usage:
 command | lolcat-cc (options)
 lolcat-cc (options) file
=> options:
      -f: format
  -g=[d]: set gradient
     -ln: line numbers
     -ps: powershell colours
 -tw=[i]: set tab width
      -v: print version
  -w=[i]: set width
     -zz: +/- gradient





From Source

$ make && sudo make install

Note: On Windows you will need to move lolcat-cc.exe to a location searched by your path variable, for example try C:\Windows\System32.


This lolcat clone was mostly to add limited rainbow support for Windows. Plus it was fun to do my own implementation and it's always nice to win "world's fastest" pissing contests.

To benchmark them, an empty directory was filled with 100k files named x.txt where x goes from 1 to 100000. From within the directory the following commands were run:

ls -l | time lolcat
ls -l | time lolcat-c
ls -l | time lolcat-cc -f

The results are in the following table:

Tables lolcat(rb) lolcat-c lolcat-cc
user 152.61 1.73 0.80
system 17.05 0.35 0.35
elapsed 2:50.36 0:04:20 0:03.39
CPU 99% 48% 26%
max resident 10228 19232 3396
inputs 144 0 0
major pagefaults 1 1 0
minor pagefaults 1478 5348 131
rb elapsed ratio 1.0 0.0289 0.0162
c elapsed ratio 34.5558 1.0 0.5598
cc elapsed ratio 61.7246 1.7862 1.0

(Read: lolcat-cc << lolcat-c << lolcat)

lolcat-cc output from shell

The developer of lolcat-cc also created and develops Nift which has an in-built shell extension you can start with nift sh then you can turn on lolcat-cc output, including for tab completion suggestions, using lolcat.on.