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KDCONV(1) BSD General Commands Manual KDCONV(1)
kdconv -- PDF optimizer for Kindle2/3/Sony Reader.
kdconv [-a author] [-bce] [-f deviceformat] [-o] [-p devicedoc] [-tv]
input-pdf output-pdf
kdconv is a program for converting a PDF document into a Kindle and/or
Sony Reader(PRS-350) friendly format.
It converts input-pdf file and outputs as output-pdf. Some devices use
output-pdf filename with eliminating `.pdf' suffix as the title name of
the book, so you should aware of the behavior.
If pdftk(1) is installed in your environment, this program tries to embed
output-pdf file name as title meta data into the PDF with eliminating
`.pdf' suffix.
Set PDF's creator. Kindle uses this value as an author. This
option is available if pdftk(1) is installed.
-b Output as bi-level(1-bit monochrome) format. It might be useful
if you'd like to process bi-level format input-pdf.
-c After PDF convert is finished, the converted file will be trans-
ferred into Kindle documents directory. You have to connect Kin-
dle into your Mac beforehand. If Kindle is not connected, do
nothing with showing warning. If output-pdf contains directory
name, this options uses the filename part of it only.
-e After copy is finished, this program tries to eject Kindle auto-
matically. Without -c option, this option has no effect.
-f Set target device. Possible values are ``kindle'', ``kindledx''
and ``sonyreader''. Default value is ``kindle''.
-o In spite of already existing output-pdf file, this option allows
to overwrite it. If you do not specify this option, and if a
file which has same name already exists, this program stops with
error messages.
-p Set path for `documents' directory of Kindle or `READER' direc-
tory for Sony Reader. Default value is decided from -f option
-t Tries to eliminate extra space around the input-pdf. Trimmed
area will be decided based on corner pixels color.
-v Show version.
Convert ``foo.pdf'' to ``bar.pdf'' for Kindle2/3:
$ kdconv foo.pdf bar.pdf
Convert ``sample.pdf'' to ``My document.pdf'' and copy it to Kindle auto-
matically, then eject Kindle:
$ kdconv -c -e sample.pdf My\ document.pdf
Convert ``1.pdf'' to ``out.pdf'' with trimming extra space, and allow to
overwrite it if ``out.pdf'' already exists:
$ kdconv -t -o 1.pdf out.pdf
Please report bugs to below AUTHOR section's address.
If an original PDF is created with vector format data, generated file's
view area will be reduced than original one, or not easy-to read file.
It's fairly infrequently occurred, but converting might not be finished
with wrong run of ImageMagick's convert command. Please stop to covert
and retry it.
I appreciate follow people who contribute useful information and/or patch
for enhancing script.
Noriaki Mitsunaga-san, @toplut-san, cinq-san.
MIYOKAWA, Nobuyoshi
E-Mail: <>
Twitter: nmiyo
BSD March 16, 2011 BSD
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