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No major changes internally with this one.

Future Release (0.5) - release date 31/10/2014

  • Rewrite all internal pages to use render engine with views.
  • Modularize the editor, allows plugin authors to replace with Tinymce etc.
  • Full Gallery plugin
  • Complete default theme to include various different templates.
  • Add image class for thumbnails,placeholder images etc.
  • Add Modifed date and Create date to pages and blogs.
  • Add automatic updater
  • Version control, add restore/diff and delete code



  • New Debug Console
  • New Render Engine
  • Added getFullRecord to Blogging function
  • Added getMyUrl
  • Added Mobile Detect and Agent classes
  • Added addQuickLink menu option
  • Added multi sort options for queries
  • Added ability to install in a subfolder
  • Added DEVMOD to config.php to show developer options.
  • Added Tables Admin when in DEVMODE


  • TwitterFeed and HelloWorld plugin use new Render engine
  • Added markdown filter to content output
  • Updated admin to Bootstrap 3.2
  • Added version count to History tab
  • Added echo flag to Shortcodes::doShortcode
  • Added static returnFullRecord to Query
  • Added new Bootswatch themes


  • URL routing fixes
  • Menu CSS and JS issues
  • Fix delete records issue
  • Fix deletion of parent pages
  • Fix redirect loop issue
  • Fix installer language selection
  • Fix URL links in Admin panel
  • Fix Bold button on editor toolbar
  • Fix dates if blank