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Video encoding, muxing, and analysis GUI in Winforms, built around FFmpeg, FFprobe, and av1an.



  • Supports all formats that ffmpeg can decode
  • Either use "Muxing Mode" to either convert a single file or merge multiple files into one, or "Batch Processing Mode" to run an action on each file
  • Supports image sequence inputs (PNG/WEBP/JPEG/BMP) without requiring sequential filenames (FPS needs to be set manually)

Track List

  • View codec, language, title and more (depending on stream type) of selected media stream
  • Enable or disable streams with checkboxes - Disabled streams will not be included when encoding/muxing
  • Re-order streams

Convert (FFmpeg)

  • Encode video using ffmpeg and its encoder plugins
  • Video Formats: H264 (x264 or NVENC), H265 (x265 or NVENC), VP9, AV1
  • Image Formats: Animated GIF, PNG Sequence, JPEG Sequence
  • Audio Formats: AAC, Opus, Vorbis, E-AC-3, MP3, FLAC
  • Text-based Subtitle Formats: Mov_Text for MP4/MOV, SRT for MKV, WebVTT for WEBM
  • All media types also have the option to strip (remove) or copy (mux without re-encoding) instead of encoding
  • Set metadata (title and language) for each track
  • Encoder Options: Set quality and speed/effort aka preset, set color format
  • Quality Modes: Either use a constant quality, target bitrate, or target filesize
  • Video Options: Resample frame rate, resize either using absolute or relative numbers, manually or automatically crop black bars
  • Audio Options: Set quality and channels/layout
  • Subtitle Options: Optionally burn in a subtitle track

AV1AN Chunked Encoding

  • Encode video using av1an and supported encoders
  • Video Formats: H265 (x265), VP9 (VPX), AV1 (AOM or SVT-AV1)
  • Quality Modes: Either use a constant quality or target a VMAF score (experimental)
  • Same audio and video options as FFmpeg encoding
  • Set AV1 film grain synthesis (disabled for H265/VP9 as this is exclusive to AV1)
  • Av1an Options: Change splitting method, chunk creation method, amount of workers, and more
  • Encodes can be stopped and resumed at any time


  • Utilities are "shortcuts" for actions that normally require long (and/or multiple) CLI commands
  • Read Bitrates: Calculates stream size and average bitrate for each stream
  • Get Metrics: Calculate quality metrics like VMAF, SSIM, PSNR
  • Transfer Color Metadata: Copy color properties and HDR metadata from one file to another (e.g. from Bluray Remux to an encode)
  • Concatenate Into Single MKV: Merge any amount of any compatible video format into a single MKV (e.g. for chunked encoding)
  • Show Bitrate Chart: Samples the bitrate across the entire video and shows a graph allowing you to see where bitrate is higher or lower


  • Tested on and intended for Windows 10 64-bit. Windows 11 should work as well.
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 is required which should be pre-installed.
  • There is no native Linux or Mac port and I don't plan on making one as Linux users constantly tell me how much they love their CLI. However, if you still want to run this on Linux, use WINE, it should work without problems.