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import bs4
import base64
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
# Import the Burp File
path = 'FILEPATH'
burp_file = open(path,'r')
xml =
# Parse the XML with BeautifulSoup
parsed = BeautifulSoup(xml, "html.parser")
# Search through each item in the file
for document in parsed.find_all('item'):
# Extract the CDATA content within an item response
based = document.response.find(text=lambda tag: isinstance(tag, bs4.CData)).string.strip()
# Decode the base64 encoded response
data = base64.b64decode(based)
# Strip off the HTTP headers, leaving only the body
content = data.split(b'\r\n\r\n')[1]
# Extract the filename from the HTTP header, replace any slashes in filename
stringed = str(data)
filename = (stringed.split("filename=\"")[1].split("\"")[0]).replace("/", "-")
# Write the body to a file using extracted filename
f = open("/tmp/" + filename, "wb")
# If something goes wrong, print the exception
except Exception as e: