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CDER.IO Documentation

CDER.IO is a peer-to-peer platform for trading derivatives. All transactions are carried out using smart contracts on the Ethereum basis and completed without the direct involvement of the platform.

What is the difference from other exchanges?

There are no conventional cryptocurrency exchange operations on CDER.IO. Only derivatives, such as futures, options and swaps are traded here.

Main trading pair - ETH/fBTC (Ethereum/Bitcoin futures)

Unlike centralized exchanges, you don’t have to top up your balance or worry about funds safety and withdrawal when trading on CDER.IO. All the money is in your wallet and under your control. When you place buy or sell orders, the order amount is transferred to a smart contract. If the order is canceled, you get a full refund. If the order is filled, a bilateral operation is carried out and stored in the Ethereum blockchain. All derivatives use the ERC20 standard and are, in effect, individual cryptocurrencies.

Our advantages:

  • Decentralized peer-to-peer trading - derivatives buying and selling are carried out directly between market participants, funds are not transferred to the platform for trading
  • Low fees: 0% for makers and 0.075% for takers
  • User-friendly technical support
  • Transaction safety - each transaction is recorded in the Ethereum blockchain
  • Leverage x25

How to use the platform:

To get acquainted with the CDER.IO platform, we recommend following steps:

  1. Read the How-to-start guideline and FAQ
  2. Read about types of contracts traded on CDER.IO
  3. Learn about types of orders and rules for their placing
  4. Read about the terms of leverage use and the position liquidation methods
  5. If you come across unfamiliar terms, you can always find their definition in Terminology
  6. Find out more about platform fees

We encourage all our new users to try out the platform features on our sandbox testing exchange test.cder.io. Your orders will be filled only on testnet, but you'll be able to see all of the platform's features first hand.

How to list your futurse to the exchange?

List your own derivative asset here.

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