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Custom HUD for Team Fortress 2
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n0kk Updated to v2018.0412
- Fixed alignment issue with Competitive MMR on the main menu
- Removed forced capitalization of team names on various HUD panels
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customization Updated to v2018.0412 Apr 12, 2018
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ahud is a simplistic HUD for Team Fortress 2 first started by kyle and further developed by me. ahud draws inspiration from various HUDs, including, but not limited to, rayshud, yahud, and omphud.


  • Custom colors
  • Custom crosshairs
  • 6v6 scoreboard
  • Alternative styles
  • Home Server button
  • 16:9, 16:10, and 4:3 support
  • Matchmaking and MvM support


More screenshots can be found at the Imgur album.


  1. Download ahud by clicking Download ZIP from the green Clone or download button on the ahud GitHub repo
  2. Navigate to ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom
  3. Extract ahud-master from the ZIP file to the custom folder and rename it to ahud
  4. Make sure materials, resource, scripts, and info.vdf are inside the ahud folder
  5. Run Team Fortress 2

For thorough instructions on installing a HUD for TF2, check out the guide.
A third-party installer, ainstaller, is also available.


Note: It is highly recommend you download and use Notepad++ if you will be editing any HUD files for best compatibility and formatting.

In the customization folder, you'll find various folders that change the look of certain HUD elements. To use one of these custom features, simply copy the contents of the folder (resource, scripts, or sometimes both) to the root directory (default ahud-master) and replace the files when prompted.

Custom colors

The color of various HUD elements (health and ammo numbers, damage numbers, crosshair and flash damage, etc.) can be easily changed in resource\scheme\colors.res. Edit anything under CUSTOM COLORS using RGBA (e.g., 0 255 0 255 = Green and 255 255 0 255 = Yellow).

Custom crosshairs

Navigate to scripts\hudlayout.res. Under KnucklesCrosses, change the values of visible and enabled to 1 to use the crosshairs. In the scripts folder, you'll find KnucklesCrosses.png, which shows what crosshair corresponds with which character (e.g., the normal cross crosshair is a). Find the crosshair you want to use and use the character as a value for labelText. To change the size and add an outline, simply follow the format for the value of font (default is size:30,outline:off). The color of the crosshair is listed in resource\scheme\colors.res.

Note: Not every crosshair will be perfectly centered because of different resolutions and aspect ratios. If your crosshair is not perfectly centered, experiment with changing the xpos and ypos values (and possibly the wide, and tall values as well).

Crosshair damage flash

If using any of the custom crosshairs, the crosshair damage flash will be on by default. To change the color of the flash, navigate to resource\scheme\colors.res and change the RGBA value of CrosshairDamage under CUSTOM COLORS. To disable, change the RGBA value of CrosshairDamage to the same as Crosshair.

Home Server button

To use the Home Server button (the heart on the Main Menu) in conjunction with your favorite server, add alias JoinHomeServer "connect x.x.x.x:xxxx" in your autoexec.cfg.


ahud Steam group
Report bugs here

Windows: Yes

  • 4:3 - 1024×768 and above
  • 16:9 - 1280x720 and above
  • 16:10 - 1280x800 and above

Linux: No
Mac: No

I have tested ahud on my Windows PC using a 16:9 monitor primarily on resolutions 1280x720 and above. ahud works on 16:10 and 4:3 and I'll be providing support for these aspect ratios as best as I can. Unfortunately, no Mac or Linux support.

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