Gradle plugin for `` file generation
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This repository contains packaged Gradle plugin for file generation.

Idea - @lievendoclo, originally published in article Spring Boot's info endpoint, Git and Gradle - InsaneProgramming.


Declare this in your build.gradle

plugins {
  id "com.gorylenko.gradle-git-properties" version "1.4.16"

If needed - override location of file like this:

gitProperties {
    gitPropertiesDir = new File("${project.rootDir}/your/custom/dir")

If needed - use dateFormat and dateFormatTimeZone to format git.commit.time value (See SimpleDateFormat and TimeZone for values)

gitProperties {
    dateFormat = "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mmZ"
    dateFormatTimeZone = "PST"

If project root dir is not the same git repo root dir, it can be overridden like so.

gitProperties {
    gitRepositoryRoot = new File("${project.rootDir}/../..")

Please note that spring-boot-actuator expects to be available at certain location.

This is enough to see git details via info endpoint of spring-boot-actuator.

Plugin is available from Gradle Plugins repository.


This is raw JSON from info endpoint:

  version: "0.0.1.BUILD-SNAPSHOT",
  id: "boot-admin-682defcca0d6",
  git: {
    branch: "master",
    commit: {
      id: "e06c7ec",
      time: "1442094398"


gradle-git-properties is Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 license