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The smsgateway is a Python3 based software solution to send SMS with HTTPs REST calls (web interface) using commodity hardware.

It's scalable in number of modems, routes SMS by targetnumber and runs on a single host as well as in a geographically distributed environment.

The predecessor of this software was also called smsgateway but it was based on JAVA programming language and for the modems we used expensive Multitech Multimodems.

Beside the relative modem costs the first version of the smsgateway lacked some features. For example it was not possible to blindly call the web interface to get the SMS send because you had to know which smsgateways server provided which SMS for the targetnumber you wanted the SMS send to. There was no business logic. And of course we only supported Multitech Multimodems. Beside this we were only able to send ASCII based text.

Now this new version of the smsgateway has a lot of additional features and functions.

  • The whole software is programmed in Python
  • Documentation is better
  • Only local SQLite (integreated) is used
  • The modem information, called routing information, is transfered between the WIS server with a RIP based algorithm
  • Retriev all SMS information from all WIS servers in routing through any WIS server
  • Full UTF-8 support of SMS text including multipart SMS
  • No need to know which modem is the responsible to send SMS messages for which country code on REST usage
  • Encrypted server to server communication
  • Loadbalancing of the REST interface through Apache httpd reverse proxy possible
  • Scalability and availability by splitting the components
  • Use any modem that is supported by the gammu library and has sms feature supported.
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