Advanced home automation server to control your house
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Housecream - home automation

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Housecream is an advanced home automation server aiming to give you unlimited control over your house.




See github release page

Build / Run

Having go installed and $GOPATH set :

# go get
# cd $GOPATH/src/
# ./gomake
# ./dist/housecream-v0-$(go env GOHOSTOS)-$(go env GOHOSTARCH)/housecream -H data

what to do ?

  • how to handle manual data set directly by hand ? it has to trigger the rue engine and so have to processed like any other channel but at the same time we have to be able to set a channel endpoint directly too also this output set have to go to the rule engine too...

  • should we linked directly triggered from board to board ? this sohuld be better since it can work without housecream, but have to be codded direcrlt in the board strong board could be able to update code internalry to handle rules direclty...

  • restmcu

  • counter -> outpoint

  • X10 -> outpoint

IN : Have to store the value on event to remember current state OUT : Have to store the value on action to remember what was set //INOUT : Can get value to know where it is


mail notification openWeatherMap restmcu slack solar timer todo trello value webhook cron exec serial X10 KNX hue http android push

manual simple counter internal


delay split reorder

lardy : 48.52,2.26{location}/{datetime}.json?appid={api_key},2.2651702/current.json?appid=

type format

housecream_link_todo_count[name=] = 10 housecream_link_slack[direction=input] housecream_link_solar_phase[type=nautic,name=sun_status] = 1 housecream_link_restmcu_max[id=42,type=analogic,direction=input,name=out_temperature] = 1024 housecream_link_restmcu_min[id=42,type=analogic,direction=input,name=out_temperature] = 0 housecream_link_restmcu[id=42,type=analogic,direction=input,name=out_temperature] = 42

housecream_link_openweathermap_weather_id[name="orly"] = 300 housecream_link_openweathermap_temperature[name="orly"] = 280.32 housecream_link_openweathermap_pressure[name="orly"] = 1012 housecream_link_openweathermap_humidity[name="orly"] = 81 housecream_link_openweathermap_temp_min[name="orly"] = 279.15 housecream_link_openweathermap_temp_max[name="orly"] = 281.15 housecream_link_openweathermap_visibility[name="orly"] = 10000 housecream_link_openweathermap_wind_speed[name="orly"] = 4.1 housecream_link_openweathermap_wind_deg[name="orly"] = 80 housecream_link_openweathermap_cloud[name="orly"] = 90 housecream_link_openweathermap_sunset[name="orly"] = 1485794875 housecream_link_openweathermap_sunrise[name="orly"] = 1485762037