Some scripts for easy Fritzbox handling
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Some scripts for easy Fritzbox handling

Currently only Fritzboxes with FRITZ!OS v6.50 or newer are supported.

Wake on LAN

  • – Python script for remotely starting a computer behind a Fritzbox using its WOL functionality

Required Python modules

  • lxml
  • requests


All configuration is done in the config file in JSON format:

  • host: external fritzbox hostname or ip
  • port: ssl port
  • username/password: fritzbox login credentials
  • devices: list of device names with macs that can be used for wakeup


>                           # sends wakeup to 'default' device
> foo                       # sends wakeup to device 'foo' in config file
> -k foo                    # sends wakeup to device 'foo' while ignoring ssl certificate verification
> -c yourconfig.json bar    # sends wakup to device 'bar' using config file 'yourconfig.json' 
> -h                        # shows help