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🍲 DoorDash from your command line.
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Dash - Python Client to browse DoorDash from your command line

Disclaimer: I'm a huge DoorDash fan and this is purely an activity out of curiosity. This is a work in progress and I half-expect it to fail for certain input.


Link to Demo


Build the using your credentials and follow steps to add items to your cart.

$ python frodobaggins


Ever since moving to the Bay Area, DoorDash has found a loyal customer in me. It's always fun reverse-engineering REST APIs; I also wanted to understand how DoorDash interacts with the Internet. Door Dash encrypts its network traffic using SSL, but this is really easy to get around using a simple Man-in-the-middle attack.


Have been meaning to learn Python since quite some time, this gives me an opportunity to do that. Since this is a Python library, this is meant to be used in CLI environments. The API is really really rough around the edges, though I have tried to handle failing conditions gracefully.


You'll need an DoorDash account and DoorDash should be available at your location.


  1. Browse restaurants based on your location and suggestion
  2. Check out the menu of the favorite restaurant
  3. Add items to the current cart


  1. Authenticate to DoorDash using your credentials
  2. From the list of suggestions, select one (you can sort based on the rating, price, and the availability)
  3. A list of restaurants based on your suggestion will be displayed
  4. On selecting a restaurant, a menu will be displayed. Select the items you'll like to add to your cart, quantity, special instructions etc and you're set.
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