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Get profile data of repo stargazers using the GraphQL API, way faster than using the REST API.
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Get Profile Data Of Repo Stargazers GraghQL

This Python has almost the same function as minimaxir / get-profile-data-of-repo-stargazers, but rewritten using the GraphQL API of GitHub, which is much more faster and can overcome the scraw limit in page 1334 using the REST API.

GH Limit using the REST API

I wrote this on my personal analysis project, the "StarTime-StarCount" chart in that project as below.

This program will store stargazers' "username","name","blog", "company", "bio","avatar_url","hireable" , "num_followers", "num_following","created_at","star_time" in csv format.


  1. Get an access token from your GitHub account.
  2. Write your access token to line 9 of
  3. Set the owner and repo name in line 9,10 of
  4. Set timezone in line 103 and 107, default is UTC-5.
  5. Run the script!


Nova Kwok



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