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Project is deprected because VK blocked access to audios via API


vnehm is a console tool, which downloads and adds to your iTunes library (if you use macOS) your VK audios in convenient way.

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For personal use only

vnehm developer doesn't responsible for any illegal usage of this program


vnehm is a console tool written in Go. It can download your VK audios and add to iTunes, if you use macOS.

vnehm wasn't tested on Windows machine, so it can be very buggy on it. I'll be very thankful, if you will report any bug.

If you have ideas to improve vnehm, issues and pull requests are always welcome! Also, if you have difficulties with installation/configuration/usage of vnehm, don't hesitate to write an issue. I will answer as soon as possible.


Install via go command:

$ go get -u

or you can download and install binary from latest release.


First of all, you should configure vnehm:

  • Create a file .vnehmconfig in your home directory

  • Write in it configuration, i.e. set three variables in YAML format:

dlFolder - filesystem path to download folder, where will be downloaded all tracks. By default, your audios are being downloaded to your home directory

itunesPlaylist - name of iTunes playlist, where will be added all tracks (if you're using macOS). By default, your audios are not being added to iTunes


dlFolder: /Users/bogem/Music
itunesPlaylist: iPod
  • Execute vnehm auth to authorize

Don't worry if you become the message, what you mustn't copy the link from address bar. vnehm is only downloading and searching audios and it hasn't got any permissions to access your private data like messages, friends and etc. All permissions, which has vnehm, is access to audios. You can see it, when you authorize in your browser with the link, what give you vnehm for authorizing.

Usage Examples

Type vnehm help to list of all available commands or vnehm help COMMAND for specific command.

Also commands may be abbreviated to one symbol length. For example, you can input vnehm s instead of vnehm search.

Get list of audios and download selected

$ vnehm

Download last audio

$ vnehm get

Download last 3 audios

$ vnehm get 3

Download second audio and don't add it to iTunes playlist

$ vnehm get -o 1 -i ''

Download audios from the post

$ vnehm get

Search for audios and download them

$ vnehm search nasa


Q: How can I add track to iTunes' music library, but not to any playlist?

A: It depends on language you're using on your Mac. The name of your iTunes' music library you can see here:

iTunes music master library

For example, english users should use vnehm get -i Music, russian users - vnehm get -i Музыка.


  • Make tests
  • Upload to homebrew
  • Use built-in downloader instead of curl




(DEPRECATED) Convenient way to download tracks from VK







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