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<title> Google Homepage Replication </title>

This first coding project in the HTML/CSS series at The Odin Project required a replication of Google's main search page. The project ended up taking me a few days to complete, due to lack of attention span, mostly, and also partly due to being slightly anal-retentive about content spacing and sizing (not that I was able to replicate any of the aforementioned perfectly - c'est la vie). Another issue that arises with my design is lack of functionality of the buttons, such as the 'apps' icon on the top navigation bar - I have yet to truly learn javascript which I would need to cause the dropdown menus those buttons deploy on the native site display. That will be a project for the future.

I found the exercise to be entertaining, though at times frustrating. It has been interesting to see how I have come along with being able to produce webpages over the last month-and-a-half of learning html and css.

On to the next project!

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