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# ManosOsc

## Great for live control of sound and video! Track your hands and fingers using the Leap Motion Controller and output coordinates over OSC (Open Sound Control). Use the default OSC message format in your own projects, or choose a format used by your favorite applications--including Isadora and Animata. And there's MIDI support too!

Using OSC, you can control nearly every VJ/live graphics and sound app around--Max/MSP/Jitter, Ableton Live (with Max for Live), PureData, VDMX, TouchDesigner, Modul8, Resolume, VVVV, Quartz Composer, and more--with far more precision than MIDI. A wide range of other software also supports OSC, from game authoring environments like Unity to creative-coding frameworks like Processing, openFrameworks, and Cinder.

The latest update adds the ability to record scripts for After Effects and Maya. This is still an experimental feature, but if you're an animator you'll want to try it out!

- Script recording for After Effects and Maya (experimental)
- Standardized default message format for hands and fingers (old version still available via settings)
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ ManosOsc was developed with support from:
Canada Council on the Arts
Eyebeam Art + Technology Center

Copyright (c) 2013 Nick Fox-Gieg
Copyright (c) 2018 Nick Fox-Gieg


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