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This is a copy of VK5ABN, Berndt's cuSDR source derived from his post: http://www.ping.net.au/20140126_cuSDR64src.tar.gz

This is originally cuSDR written by Hermann, DL3HVH https://plus.google.com/107168125384405552048/posts

I added local sound and up'd the number of receivers to 20.

Using the Hermes-Lite CVA8 (with some minor protocol changes) I am able to do 16 rcvrs @ 96Khz and 9 @ 192Khz: https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/944671/8505354/55e3d776-21b1-11e5-9607-f7abe94018fc.jpg

Using the Hermes-Lite CVA9 (larger FPGA) I am able to do 16 rcvrs @ 384Khz, but very CPU intensive on a quad i7.


Greater than 7 rcvrs requires a protocol change which currently only the Hermes-Lite rtl supports.

I have only compiled and used this on linux.

QT_SELECT=qt5 qmake cudaSDR.pro

make -j9

To make for Hermes-Lite edit Makefile and add -DHL at the end of DEFINES

Checkout https://youtu.be/Bg_bKfJTlbk for a good overview video W1AEX made of using this application.