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A fortune manager written using node, express, mongoose and coffeescript

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NodeTunes' a node & express application written in CoffeeScript; it stores fortunes (snippets of quotes, eg. IRC/IM ones). Originally inspired by the « Fortunes » application, by Maurice Svay.

I'm discovering and learning both CoffeeScript and Node while coding it, so don't expect too much reliability, but I would warmly welcome any code review against the code :)

If you're curious enough, you might check out the:


At the root of a fresh checkout:

$ npm install


To get a lit of all available commands:

$ cake
Cakefile defines the following tasks:
cake build                # Build current project
cake casper               # Launches casperjs test suite
cake docs                 # Generate annotated source code with Docco
cake funk                 # Fantastic stuff
cake load                 # Load test fixtures
cake test                 # Run test suite
cake server               # Start server
cake watch                # Recompile CoffeeScript source files when modified

So to run the server in development:

$ cake server
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