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What is Webdevlist?

We're pretty sure most developers know it all too well: you browse Twitter, Reddit or Stackoverflow on a late Sunday evening and come across some cool programming framework or webservice. You think like "Wow that's cool! Could be helpful some time. I need to remember it." Then you put the link anywhere in a messy text file or the like and never visit it again. Webdevlist's aim is to become a comprehensive, community-maintained collection of useful resources concerning software development. Such could include frameworks and libraries for any language, devtools, software applications, apps, webservices like PaaS, SaaS or IaaS and also learning resources like guides and tutorials. Everytime you find a cool tool on the web, just post it to the list. Everytime you're looking for a tool to help you with your development problems come visit the list. Easy enough.

We hope this' gonna become huge!

Why not simply a Google Docs spreadsheet or the like?

One reason why this is a complete, self-contained web app is that it can be highly adjusted for its purpose (think of filters, tags, etc.). Another one is that we wanted to play around with some new technologies and needed a more or less useful objective ;-)

Which "new technologies"?

Webdevlist's frontend is built with Angular2, which just has had its first final release. The backend makes use of LoopbackJS, which is a mighty framework to build REST APIs with a minimum of boilerplate code. Additionally the site is powered by HTTP/2.0 to get some more speed.

Is it finished, yet?

No, it isn't. Actually, it probably never will be. We're continuously going to add new technology to Webdevlist's stack and change and refactor things. Currently we're considering to switch to GraphQL. Right now, Webdevlist is in some kind of beta state, meaning that it still might have bugs.

Why this GitHub repo? It's empty, man!

Yeah, right. Just now. But as soon as everything's even a little more stable and mature, we plan to publish the source code. For now GitHub only acts as issue tracker for you guys to report bugs and stuff.