OLED display support is added to ESP32 MP3 web radio/bluetotooth speaker code by MrBuddyCasino's
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-> new version

Modified for multi URL support by n24bass

Add web interface. You can add (up to 10), change or remove URL of the internet radio station.

GET /  - list stations
GET /P - change to previous station
GET /N - change to next station
GET /0..9 - select station
GET /0..9+URL - set station URL
GET /0..-URL - remove station URL

Push 'GPIO-16' (chaned from 'boot') switch to change next station.

It starts up only web interface when GPIO-16 is keeped low level at boot time.

Modified for OLED display support by kodera2t

Please use latest esp-idf environment (envorinment just before will make lots error)

original code (w/o OLED) is https://github.com/MrBuddyCasino/ESP32_MP3_Decoder

OLED display mode for WiFi Radio/Bluetooth spaker will be set by menuconfig (select BT speaker or Wifi radio)

Bluetooth device name is defined in bt_config.h in include file folder. (default: "hogehoge_mont")

Wiring is same as original, as ESP pin - I2S signal

GPIO22        - DATA

and GPIO25/26 are fixed but GPIO22 can be re-arranged as you wish. (defined in components/audio_renderer.c)

I2C OLED is connected, as ESP pin - I2C signal

GPIO14   - SCL
GPIO13   - SDA

,which defined in app_main.c Please change as you wish...

More details can be found in the original author's explanation at https://github.com/MrBuddyCasino/ESP32_MP3_Decoder