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myolert is a discrete and reliable solution using the Myo Armband for people in distress.
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What it does

myolert is a discrete and reliable solution for people in distress. It integrates the Myo Armband with an Android app which allows users to use hand gestures to call or text for help. With a simple activation gesture, users can set a predetermined text message with their GPS coordinates to predetermined contacts or make calls all without physically touching their phone. myolert is ideal for situations in which the user is in an unfamiliar or uncomfortable situation, such as walking alone at night or being at a party; if they ever feel in danger, they can discreetly activate myolert and alert a trusted contact of their whereabouts.

How we built it

myolert was built using Android in Android studio, Myo SDK, and Google Location Services. The Myo armband communicates with the phone via bluetooth.

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