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Thousands of sofas to look through. Find your dream sofa in 20. Project for Hack the North 2017.
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Sofa Search

Thousands of sofas out there. Find your match in 20.

SofaSearch is a web application that helps users look for their dream sofa 🛋.

Try me on Heroku! -

Hack The North 2017 submission by:

  • Lawrence Pang
  • Nicholas Vadivelu
  • Victor Yu

Tech Stack

  • Python + Flask backend
  • Machine learning tools Keras + Tensorflow
  • Web page designed with HTML, CSS (with CSS transitions), & jQuery


  • Flask==0.12.2
  • requests==2.18.4
  • numpy==1.13.1
  • pillow==2.7.0
  • keras==2.0.8
  • tensorflow==1.2.1

Design Details

  • A scraper retrieves sofa data from an Ikea website: including pictures, price, and link
  • A sofa is presented to a user
    1. User can rate a sofa with a star number scale
    2. User has the option to purchase - taking them to the site so they can purchase
    3. Save a list of sofas the user is interested in through a ‘save’ button
  • This process goes on until the user discovers their one true sofa

Local Deployment

  • Install Python 3.6.2 (
  • Install virtualenv with pip install virtualenv
  • Navigate to your project root and create a virtualenv with virtualenv my_project
  • Activate your virtual environment with source my_project/bin/activate
  • Install dependencies in the environment with pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Start the application with heroku local web
  • View the application on localhost:5000
  • Stop running the application: Ctrl-C
  • Exit virtual environment: deactivate
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