A javascript game of life simulator inspired by Conway's game of life.
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A javascript simulator inspired by Conway's Game of Life. This implementation is designed with internet independence in mind which is why it forgoes any server-side scripts.

This simulation utilizes the <canvas> element and some light jQuery to draw a pixel array as an image. It diverges from Conway's Game of Life in the following ways:

  • The RGB channels are calculated separately each step via circumstantial increments
  • Each pixel with a high or low enough R, G, or B value can increment or decrement its other values accordingly
  • Each pixel gains an R, G, or B increment and decrement based on its value relative to its neighbors.
  • Pixel cycling can invert a max or min value
  • Mutation can cause a pixel's RGB values to shuffle
  • Disease can cause a pixel to replace its R,G, or B value with an average of its neighbor's values.