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Header sizes enlarged for easier readability. Flyspell and latex tweaks

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1 parent aae3c30 commit e6b114f71b7d8621f4dbff8499c8ea244aa81258 @n3mo committed
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  1. +6 −5 cyberpunk-theme.el
11 cyberpunk-theme.el
@@ -222,7 +222,8 @@
;; auctex
`(font-latex-bold ((,class (:inherit bold))))
`(font-latex-warning ((,class (:inherit font-lock-warning))))
- `(font-latex-sedate ((,class (:foreground ,cyberpunk-yellow :weight bold ))))
+ `(font-latex-sedate ((,class (:foreground ,cyberpunk-yellow :weight bold))))
+ `(font-latex-string ((,class (:foreground ,cyberpunk-green))))
`(font-latex-title-4 ((,class (:inherit variable-pitch :weight bold))))
`(font-latex-sectioning-0 ((,class (:foreground ,cyberpunk-blue :background ,cyberpunk-black :scale 1.5))))
`(font-latex-sectioning-1 ((,class (:foreground ,cyberpunk-blue :background ,cyberpunk-black :scale 1.5))))
@@ -268,7 +269,7 @@
;; flyspell
`(flyspell-duplicate ((,class (:foreground ,cyberpunk-yellow-1 :weight bold :underline t))))
- `(flyspell-incorrect ((,class (:foreground ,cyberpunk-red-4 :weight bold :underline t))))
+ `(flyspell-incorrect ((,class (:foreground ,cyberpunk-orange-2 :weight bold :underline t))))
;; erc
`(erc-action-face ((,class (:inherit erc-default-face))))
@@ -492,9 +493,9 @@
:box (:line-width 1 :style none)))))
`(org-todo ((,class (:bold t :foreground ,cyberpunk-orange :weight bold
:box (:line-width 1 :style none)))))
- `(org-level-1 ((,class (:foreground ,cyberpunk-pink-1 :height 1.2))))
- `(org-level-2 ((,class (:foreground ,cyberpunk-yellow))))
- `(org-level-3 ((,class (:foreground ,cyberpunk-blue-5))))
+ `(org-level-1 ((,class (:foreground ,cyberpunk-pink-1 :height 1.3))))
+ `(org-level-2 ((,class (:foreground ,cyberpunk-yellow :height 1.2))))
+ `(org-level-3 ((,class (:foreground ,cyberpunk-blue-5 :height 1.1))))
`(org-level-4 ((,class (:foreground ,cyberpunk-green))))
`(org-level-5 ((,class (:foreground ,cyberpunk-orange))))
`(org-level-6 ((,class (:foreground ,cyberpunk-pink))))

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