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My proposal for LibreOffice mascot conquest that amazingly did not get qualified.
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My proposal for LibreOffice mascot conquest that amazingly did not get qualified.


I sent a first version without the black/white examples, so I resent with a second version. Here follows my first submission email:

Dear LO,

Attached to this email you can see my submission to the contest, both in png and svg and licensed under CC0 license.

A bit of history (sorry):

First I saw the post at Spanish site and inmediatly started thinking about animals that can show off some parts of their anatomy.

In a couple of seconds I decided a cockatoo would be great thanks to its crest, great to show LO colors and white body (no distractions). Also cockatoos are highly intelligent, funny, can manipulate stuff with their peak and feet and have their own strong personalities. So everything fitted nicely in my mind.

Then I went to Official announcement page and read about people suggesting birds, but no parrots or cockatoos, so anyway I created Docatoo mascot with Inkscape on my Debian machine for you and all the community.

I tried set it up in different places and positions and I find it highly versatile. Also different version like walking, talking, typing a keyboard can be made.

If you need me to fix anything in SVG file do not hesitate and ask.

Hope you like it.


Néstor Díaz Valencia

Linux, Staroffice, Openoffice, Libreoffice user since 1999. Designer and developer.

Valladolid (Spain)., +34 TLFN

P.S. You can change the cockatoo name 
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