Documentation for Integrating with The Data-API
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Documentation for Integrating with The Data-API

The API allows trusted partners of to publish, update, and delete listings in our network of local business directories. This includes adding photos, phone numbers, videos, updating business hours, address, etc.

How do I get started?

Start by sending an email to Ryan Marr, head of product at n49. He will hook you up with an API key.


There are two primary endpoints, a developement and production endpoint. The data on the development endpoint is wiped every night and replaced with the latest production data. Anything pushed to the development environment will be lost after 24 hours.



Please see the individual action articles for specific action endpoints and functionality.


Search: Search is used to find existing business listings on

Details: Details is used to provide information about a specific business listing on

Add: Add is used to add a new listing or to claim an exisitng business listing on

Update: Update is used to update the information on an business Listing that you have already added or already claimed.

Delete: Delte is used to end your relationship with an listing, Delte will not remove the listing from but will remove any content that you've provided except for the basic business information.

Suppress: Suppress is used to merge two duplicate listings the Suppressed listing is pointed to a Canonical listing.

Reviews: Reviews is used to pull user reviews of businesses from Reviews can be filtered by property or date and are specific to a business listing. Reviews are not to be published on third party sites without explicit written permission from Any violation of this can result in API access being revoked.


Fields: This is the list of the main listing fields that are associated with a Business listing on the site displayed in JSON. This includes formatting for how images should be handled to differentiate between logos, storefronts, and gallery images.

Categories: This is list of Categories that can be attached to a business listing. Every Business listing needs at least one category.