Radios that Support CWByCAT and SpeedSync

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TR4W now supports sending CW via the same CAT interface used to keep track of the radio frequency and mode. However, not all radios support sending CW via the CAT interface. Below is a table of radios that support the feature.

Another feature in TR4W is the ability to keep the CW speed of the radio's electronic keyer in sync with the speed of the program. This would be particularly useful if one was using a serial or parallel CW interface (or via RTS on the serial port on Elecraft radios). Without this feature, when the program is sending CW, but the user wants to use a paddle to send a fill from the radio's keyer, this keeps them at the same speed. In the WinKeyer case, one would just connect the paddle to the WinKeyer so they are both in sync.

Please note this table is still being updated as of 2016-03-19. The absence of a radio does not yet mean it doesn't support the feature.

Manufacturer Radio CWByCAT CW SpeedSync
Elecraft K3(S) Yes Yes
KX3 Yes Yes
K2 Yes Yes
Icom IC7100 Yes Yes
IC7000 No Yes
IC9100 Yes Yes
IC7100 Yes Yes
IC7200 No Yes
IC7300 Yes Yes
IC7600 Yes Yes
IC7610 Yes Yes
IC7700 Yes Yes
IC756 (all) No Yes
IC7800 Yes Yes
IC7851 Yes Yes
TS480 Yes Yes
TS570 Yes Yes
TS850 No Yes
TS950 Yes Yes
TS990 Yes Yes
TS590S Yes Yes
TS2000 Yes Yes
FT920 No No
FT1000MP No No
FT1200 No Yes*
FT3000 No Yes*
FT5000 No Yes*
FT9000 No Yes*
Ten Tec
Orion 2 Yes Yes
  • Radio supports this but TR4W needs a user to test to validate this works
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