A script to install multiple reflectors for ham radio digital voice.
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Multi-Reflector-Installer (Proof of Concept)

The script is very much currently a proof of concept and gets you about 90% of the way to have everything fully installed and configured. The concept is, This will build you a 3 mode ham radio digital voice reflector server that will transcode Yaesu Fusion, DMR, and D-Star with the help of AMBED and AMBE vocoder chips. I did not build each application. This script simply goes through the install steps for each application for you and configures apache for the dashboards. Features and abilities coming...

This script will install the following:

  • XLXD (D-Star/DMR Reflector that also communicates with AMBED)
  • YSFReflector (HomeBrew Fusion Reflector)
  • YSF2DMR (The bridge software between YSF and XLX)
  • YSF and XLX Dashboards (Web pages that shows real-time activity)
  • Apache2 and configure the virtualhosts for both dashboards

But not

  • AMBED (along with the required AMBE chips)
  • AMBED can be installed locally or on a remote server, but is required for the transcoding part.

You will need the following information to get started:

  • Ready to go and updated fresh install of Debian 9.x
  • FQDN for ysf and xlx web dashboards
  • XLX number that isnt taken (or pick a random one for testing)

The script does not yet edit all the config files in order to complete the installation:

App Config file(s)
XLXD /etc/init.d/xlxd, /var/www/xlxd/pgs/config.inc.php
YSF /ysfreflector/YSFReflector.ini
YSF2DMR /ysf2dmr/YSF2DMR.ini

Using the Multi-Reflector-Installer script:

git clone https://github.com/n5amd/Multi-Reflector-Installer.git
cd Multi-Reflector-Installer

To manage each service after installation:


systemctl start|stop|status|restart xlxd
  • Installs to /xlxd
  • Logs are in /var/log/messages
  • Be sure to restart xlxd after each config change


systemctl start|stop|status|restart ysfreflector
  • Installs to /ysfreflector
  • Logs are in /var/log/YSFReflector


I havent been able to make a working Systemd unit file for this yet. So this app will simply have to run in screen.

screen -S ysf2dmr
cd /ysf2dmr

To exit the screen session and leave ysf2dmr running:

ctrl-a, then press d

To return to the screen session:

screen -r ysf2dmr

Linking to AMBED for transcoding:

Once you have AMBED installed and its up and running, simply edit the /etc/init.d file.

nano or vi /etc/init.d/xlxd

Edit the ARGUMENTS line:

ARGUMENTS="XLX### <YOUR IP> <IP OF AMBED>" #Use if ambed is on the same computer as XLXD

Then update rc.d to read the updated init file:

update-rc.d xlxd defaults

To give you a visual idea of what the end result would look like, here are 2 scenarios..

Scenario A :

Cloud Server installation allowing for worldwide connectivity like a typical reflector. Here is XLX410 as an example..

Reflector setup

Scenario B :

A single tower site installation allowing local communication across 3 different digital modes…

Single Site

For more information, please visit: