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A-Frame Extras

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Add-ons and helpers for A-Frame VR.

Includes components for controls, model loaders, pathfinding, and more:

├── controls/ (Documentation)
│   ├── movement-controls.js
│   ├── checkpoint-controls.js
│   ├── gamepad-controls.js
│   ├── keyboard-controls.js
│   ├── touch-controls.js
│   └── trackpad-controls.js
├── loaders/ (Documentation)
│   ├── animation-mixer.js
│   ├── collada-model-legacy.js
│   ├── fbx-model.js
│   ├── gltf-model-legacy.js
│   └── object-model.js
├── misc/ (Documentation)
│   ├── checkpoint.js
│   ├── cube-env-map.js
│   ├── grab.js
│   ├── jump-ability.js
│   ├── kinematic-body.js       Deprecated
│   ├── mesh-smooth.js
│   ├── normal-material.js
│   └── sphere-collider.js
├── pathfinding/ (Documentation)
│   ├── nav-mesh.js
│   └── nav-agent.js
└── primitives/ (Documentation)
    ├── a-grid.js
    ├── a-hex-grid.js
    ├── a-ocean.js
    └── a-tube.js

Usage (Scripts)

In the dist/ folder, download any package(s) you need. Include the scripts on your page, and all components are automatically registered for you:

<script src=""></script>

CDN builds for aframe-extras/v6.0.0:

For partial builds, use a subpackage like aframe-extras.controls.min.js. Full list of packages above.

A-Frame Version Compatibility

A-Frame Extras
v0.9.X aframe-extras/v6.0.0
v0.8.X */v5.1.0
v0.5.X */v3.13.1
v0.4.X */v3.3.0
v0.3.X */v2.6.1
v0.2.X */v1.17.0

NOTE: Several components and examples also rely on aframe-physics-system.

Usage (NPM)

npm install --save aframe-extras
// index.js

Once installed, you'll need to compile your JavaScript using something like Browserify or Webpack. Example:

npm install -g browserify
browserify index.js -o bundle.js

bundle.js may then be included in your page. See here for a better introduction to Browserify.