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Regain whitespace in Office 365 by removing particular areas on SharePoint


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Whitepace - Regain distraction-free working in SharePoint

This application customiser removes "Mobile App" and "Teams" information from any Team and communication iste in SharePoint.

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⚠️ Disclaimer ⚠️

This solution uses CSS injection on modern experience pages and hide elements from Communication and Teamsite. The CSS provided by this solution are served via this GitHub page and will be directly injected from the web using the following URL:

This demo extension should not be used under any circumstances in any production environment. It you still use it it is at your own risk.

Elements remove by this solution

Teams Notification

Teams notification

Mobile App Notification

Mobile app

Mobile App Secondary Footer

Mobile app

Download this solution

To downloade this solution please check out the the release page.


To install this solution please follow this instructions.


This solution also allows to modify the default location the CSS is servers from. To modify this setting navigate to tenant wide app catalog and to the tenant wide extension list.

Tenant wide application catalog

Edit the entry 'N8DWhiteSpaceApplicationCustomizer'

Edit component properties


Modify the CSSOverrideUrl property and save the entry.